Football clubs realise importance of multilingual social media presence


On Thursday 26th September, the English football clubs Manchester City and Liverpool FC announced an expansion of their social media presence with more local language websites and Twitter accounts to cater for a growing international fan base.

Manchester City launched 10 new Twitter accounts in addition to existing feeds in English and Arabic to engage with supporters in Chinese, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Malay, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Thai. The club also recently translated its website into 13 languages in order to build relationships with fans across the globe.

Meanwhile, Liverpool FC claims to be the world’s most digitally-engaged soccer club with 34 official social media accounts, including 12 in local languages on Twitter.

Here in Spain, the two clubs that famously battle out ‘El Clásico’ are also fans of multilingual social media presence. Barça, on one hand, tweets in various languages such as Japanese, French and Indonesian, whereas Real Madrid has accounts in Spanish, English, Arabic and Japanese.

However, not only global football clubs have jumped on the multilingual social media bandwagon. Many companies around the world, and not just multinationals, are ‘linguistically active’ on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

One of our clients, a luxury resort and superyacht marina in the Caribbean, has just contracted us to manage their Twitter accounts in Russian and Portuguese to reach out to the ever-growing BRIC market. What’s more, dozens of Spain-based hotels regularly interact with their clients (and potential clients) in Russian, German, Swedish, English and Italian, to name just a few languages.

Multilingual social media presence is a reality in today’s globalised world, and is the ideal way to attract and retain clients from other countries. Yet it doesn’t have to be an ‘unattainable’ dream. The multilingual team of social media managers at Futuramos can easily help you out. All you have to do is let us know your target market(s), and we’ll prepare a social media strategy for you and immediately start tweeting, posting and interacting in the language(s) you wish.



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